Artistic concepts and presentations developed through the research

During the work with both Human Migration Pilot project and and the full project, we developed concepts  to bring to realisation through external funding.  One project got shortlisted with 5 projects to “Bikuben fondens visionspris” and was granted 20.000 to futher development.  We did not win, but got the chanche to develop an interesting concept. The small film below is the imagination of how the project could be realized. Participants in the film is Babak Vakili, Peter De Barros Damgaard and Inger Eilersen. The location is the auditorium, the basement and the botanical garden in Copenhagen, belonging to the Natural History Museum of Denmark. 




Recorded presentation of the project

Pilot (Danish language)

Full project (English)

A performative Exhibition in The Natural History Museum - incl. genetic Ticket.

One of the things I develop is a performative exhibition at the National History Museum of Denmark. And the idea was that you, as spectator, got a genetic ticket. A month in advance you submit give some spit, and then when you walk through the exhibition, you will get pieces of your gene pool. you will know that when you come to the end of the performance. During the expirence of the sitespecific, you would encounter narratives from migrants, visual installations and performed science We were shortlisted for actually realising the project for 3 million danish kroner. But didn’t get the fund in the end.the film above shows a visualisation of a possible outcome.





Touring container performance

This is another developed concept for a performance where the audience members is transported in trucks and drive around to selected sited. the transoprtation in a truck would mimic the experience migrant have when there are beeing transported illegally. You could meet migrationsstories in the trucks and you could do excavations releated to the geogenetic findings on actual aechalogilaly sites. The project was applied for but didn’t get financed.



















Outside vs Inside

As humans, we wear many labels that may be based on specific life circumstances that we do not control ourselves. Whether you are a skilled scientist, a fun tango dancer, or whatever other qualities and abilities you may have in life, this will often fade because of the stigmatising or reducing labels that are attached to us. When you constitute a minority in the community, you will often be reduced to just that. Not all the other things that actually make you a human being. For example, refugee is not something you are. It is something you do.


I  did this investigation, where I took photographs and would like to ask: ‘What do you think, when you see these pictures?’ And when they had to choose two words?  The spectators often mentioned their etnicity. But who do the person in the foto describe  themselves ; Amina here, she said that she was a ‘cosy minister’ and she was good at being in the present. Babak, he said that he was a chessnerd and a poet. So what is the difference between how you judge people from the outside and how you formulate yourself from the inside.

Summary of Artistic concepts

Potentials in ideas developed through the research 

  1. Re – enactment of workshops in society.
  2. The migration performance in Natural History Museeum
  3. The touring container performance
  4. Online bank for artistic interventions and projects. (open source)
  5. Developing the artists own projects.

These were the different artistic concept that I developed. As an exstra possibillity, It was an idea to make an online book of concepts, because so many ideas arose, while my colleagues were working, and I could imagine a remake of several of the workshops. For example, I imagined a whole sportshall with hundreds of people sharing stories through the things they had brought along, clothes  for instance, and get to know each other this way. Or like Charlottes Østergaards idea: What if we made a common folk costume instead of the national folk costume? She has actually started this with the people from the workshop. And Yann worked with something where you walked around, there was no centre. This idea has unfolded further in Yanns Coupier own artistic project “the dramaturgy of sound”.